Emergency Preparedness


Are you and your staff prepared for an emergency? What kind of emergency?
Flood? Fire? Power Outages? Earthquakes?
Do you know where to turn off Utilities? Do you know how?

All these are important questions if you own property and lease it to others – the safety of your investment is in their hands. We will be going over things that may save your investment and help to ease an insurance claim should things go awry.

Put an Emergency Plan in Place and Review Twice a Year
Include Emergency Preparedness Training for all hires
Teach Staff how to use fire extinguishers and activate fire alarms

Let’s start with an evacuation plan – if you don’t have one, create one and share it with all your employees.

Emergency Phone Lists that delineate who is in charge of what – it will do you no good if only a senior member of your staff has a handle on emergencies but they are gone on vacation. Be sure that everyone is trained and knows what to do in an emergency. It will help if several people are tasked with different emergency activities so that one person does not have to handle all of it in a panic.

Here is a very handy app to have for both your business and your home:

Reverse 911 for your cell phone so that you can be notified of where to go and what to do in an emergency

Conduct Fire Drills so that everyone knows where to go and what to do should they need to evacuate the building. Conduct PASS Training, teaching everyone how to operate a fire extinguisher to put out a live fire. This will ensure that no one will panic and not know how to protect your investment when the danger is small and easily corrected.

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